This weekend, a relative of mine called me and asked me a favor. He runs a small school in my hometown and he had recently organized a virtual essay writing competition and a drawing competition in the school. He wants to hand out the certificate of participation to all the…

Google sheets and python

When you need to store and retrieve data on the go, I prefer using Google Sheets as it turns out to be very powerful than we think.

Think about the scenario where your team is updating the email addresses of the potential client in google sheets regularly. Now, to perform…

This is my very first post here on Medium and hopefully, I will keep posting the new findings and experiences as my career in Computer Science moves forward.

So, last weekend I was trying to build a system that would scrape the news from the sites that doesn’t expose it’s…

Sulove Bista

Senior Software Engineer | Python Developer | Avid Learner | Blockchain Enthusiast

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